Thursday, November 5, 2009

I hate math and why that effects cupcaking...

So this is gonna be a quickie cause it's what is going through my mind right this second...

I had a guy who works with people to begin small businesses contact me about working towards starting my own cupcake bakery. I was super psyched, intimidated, and hesitant all at the same time. I expressed to him that I'd love to own my own bakery but that the idea of beginning my own bakery is scary. I was also blunt about my (non-existent) finances. And, for reasons unknown to me, he didn't then say "oh nevermind then." LOL

So my homework tonight is to figure out the cost of a batch of cupcakes so that I can come up with a reasonable cost for my cupcakes if I decide to sell them.

I probably shoulda paid more attention in math. LOL

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Buzzardbilly said...

A cupcake bakery? Here in Charleston? Whheeeee!! I would definitely be a customer.

Who doesn't hate math? That's what Excel and spreadsheet programs are for. They do the math for me. :)

I don't know if you ever got to taste the deliciousness of cakes from Jimmy Sweets (in Cross Lanes) while it was still here (he moved to NC for family reasons, so no more Jimmy Sweets), but he included a delivery service option (complete with a fee for deliver) and several stores also carried his cakes. Maximized his earning potential with cake. His place was on Washington in Cross Lanes just as you turn off the main strip to take Tyler Mountain toward Charleston. It was beside a Domino's if memory serves. It could still be set up for a bakery for all I know.

Also, there was a lady in town. Don't know her name. She was only referred to as "the cake lady" by a number of caterers I interviewed when we were doing big wedding prep. She worked out of her house and sold her goods to caterers and private parties. Joe Zando was the caterer who mentioned her to me, but she wasn't working anymore because her children were at an age where she didn't have the time for it. Perhaps a call to him could get you started in the "letting caterers try my cupcakes" mode by taking a sampler platter of various cupcakes to each one all in one day.

Some diners and restaurants by their cakes from people who make them at home too. Or maybe you have to make them in their kitchen, but how long would that take? Couple of hours?