Sunday, January 30, 2011

The best part

So I'm doing some hardcore vacation planning. And I LOVE vacation planning.

After just a bit of begging, Not-So-Ex has agreed to a long weekend in NYC at the start of Spring Break for the kiddos. I'm super psyched and a tiny bit overwhelmed at the same time. There are just SOOOOO many hotels! And then there's the matter of flights (since I am determined that Not-So-Ex will not have access to a vehicle while we're there). So much to consider.

Rena and I have been before but Not-So-Ex and Hunt will be newbies. I'm so excited for Hunt and so paranoid for Not-So-Ex. You see, while he's the nicest guy ever, he doesn't actually like people. And NYC is just chock full of people. But hopefully we'll find something he'll love too.

As for the kiddos, there's a Pokemon Center. Ok so it's not really just Pokemon anymore but Nintendo, so I guess that'll have to do. And then there's that huge Toys R Us...

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