Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paige's House O' Flu

So I'm sick. But I'm not the only one. Everyone in my house has the flu, except Hunt, my son. That lucky schmuck just happened to be staying the night with his cousin the day we all got sick.

I've been pretty lucky. While I've had the same symptoms as Rena and Not-So-Ex, mine have been pretty mild in comparison. They've both missed all week at work and school cause of their flu. I've still been functioning, just feeling crappy. But now they have antibiotics and cough meds so I'm hoping they'll be up and around like normal soon.

Hunt was NOT happy about having to go to school today while Sis and Dad were home. But the promise of a special dinner made it a little better. He even got to choose a special dessert. It's not surprising that he chose chocolate pie, his Dad's (and his great grandpa's) favorite pie. His great grandpa never got to meet him, but I have no doubts at all that Hunt is cut from the same (wonderful) cloth that Papaw and his Daddy came from. Awesome people all around.

Well I guess I'll get back to watching old episodes of Monk with Sis. Lots of fun on a sicky day!