Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We are lucky charms

So we went to Pittsburgh on Sunday. The guys had tickets to the AFC Championship game and I had a reservation at a GORGEOUS hotel. And, in the end, none of us were disappointed.

While the guys went to the game, I stayed here...

where I ordered awesome room service and watched tv while the guys sat in the freezing cold looking like this...

But, probably, the best part was Monday morning. We slept in, then went out for a big breakfast and to visit the strip for a bit. The weather was actually kinda decent so we walked around some and found some wonderful bulk food type places. We bought some absolutely divine fresh bread (including some small round sourdough loaves that we used as bread bowls for our soup last night).

After a little time shopping, we headed back home. And then we got to pick up the doggers from the boarder. And we were soooooooo happy to bring them home. And they were sooooooo happy to see us!

Anyway, yesterday we had to go back to work and school. But today Hunt and I are home sick. Just colds, but we needed the down time. Even really good times can wear you out!

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