Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sooooooo much to do!

So we're trying to prepare for this little road trip this weekend and it's turned into a whole lot of work!

The checklist:
1. Tickets - They should arrive via Fedex today! Woo Hoo!

2. Hotel room - For some reason, I'm an idiot and didn't even consider how quickly rooms would fill up in Pittsburgh for a nighttime championship game. But, luckily, a friend mentioned it last night and I got to searching in a hurry. And I was able to find ONE room in the city. Shew!

3. The Doggers - We had to find somewhere to take the dogs. So we found a boarder and asked what we needed to board them. To make a long story short, we had to get them to the vet and make sure they had all their shots, which we did yesterday. The reservation was made this morning and they'll have a deluxe place where they will be together (with a tv even) the whole time. The only issue left with them is how to get them to the boarders, since Not-So-Ex works so much. But we'll handle it.

4. The Kiddos - Hunt is so psyched he can barely stand it. Rena is psyched too, but for another reason. She's thoroughly pleased that she doesn't have to go. LOL We were lucky she didn't wanna go cause it made it much easier to get a hotel room that we're all happy with. But, on the down side, I have no one to hang with during the game. *sigh*

5. The House - So here's the toughest part. I have so much house work to do! I gotta get all the clothes clean that everyone will need. Gotta locate all Hunt's Steelers clothing since it will be cold enough to wear ALL of it at once. And then there's all the other stuff too. Our regular laundry, dishes, floors, etc... It's so funny cause I know we'll only be gone one night, but there's just something that feels all kinds of wrong about leaving any trash or dirty dishes when we leave.

6. The Job - In addition to my incredibly full home schedule, I have my other job to do too. The cupcakes are HUGELY popular! I'm actually beginning to have trouble keeping up. And, in addition to the cupcakes and occasional cookies, they're now teaching me to decorate cakes. It's fun, plus it means that some of the flavors folks love in cupcake form will now be available in a whole cake from the bakery, or by the slice at our sister restaurant Bluegrass Kitchen. And that's always good.

Well I guess I'm not likely to get everything ready if I'm sitting here blogging so I guess I'll get started. LOL

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Andrew's Mom said...

Have fun! I'm praying for a Steeler's victory - (hubby and I hate the Jets - sorry we're New Yorkers who only love the Giants!).