Friday, January 21, 2011


So today we're having a snow day. Technically, it's not supposed to be a snow day since my kids go to a private school that has weird rules about when they do and do not have snow days. But, when we got up at 4 to get Not-So-Ex to work, the roads looked awful so I let him take the car. I thought school would definitely be cancelled, but I was wrong.

I don't really sweat it. I emailed Hunt's teacher to get his assignments since he'll be out on Monday cause we'll be in Pittsburgh and just let her know why he wasn't there today. So I'm sure it's all good.

But now I'm pretty psyched to be home and have a day to ourselves. There's still a ton to do before we head out of town, but I'm not gonna sweat it. What gets done, gets done. If it goes undone, we'll live.
On a side note, I mentioned that I've been decorating cakes at the bakery so I wanted to show everyone a pic of one of the cakes. Chef says they've been extremely popular. Next week, I'll get to make a full cake version of one of my favorite cupcakes flavors, Strawberry Champagne. I'm really excited to see more flavors making it into Bluegrass Kitchen, our sister restaurant.

Anyway, have a great day folks and stay safe and warm!

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Andrew's Mom said...

Have a great time in Pittsburgh! Go Steelers!