Friday, October 22, 2010

You'll never believe what I'm doing today...

I'm making cupcakes. Shocking, I know.

Someone who has given me more hours of his time than most (as a volunteer back when I ran the Hip-Hop Boot Camp) is going to be a daddy! So I volunteered cupcakes for the baby shower, which is this weekend. That means today is baking day, but at the house instead of the bakery. And I'm pretty psyched. Or at least I will be once I get the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up so that I can get started.

I really wish I could go back to bed. Last night, being the rocket scientist that I am, I accidentally took some day time cold meds, which had me bouncing well into the night. I did eventually get to sleep, but I couldn't tell you when. I had thoughts of going back to bed after getting the guys dropped off but I know that, if I tried to go back to bed, I'd just be fixating on cupcakes anyway. So I'm guessing I'm up for the day.
My dotty bats

Anyway, this week at the bakery has been all about the Halloween cookies. Our area does a big Halloween celebration called HallowEast and, as part of that, we're offering our special cookies.

Now I LOVE doing sugar cookies. These have pushed my decorating abilities (polka dots can be rough when you have a shake) but I have sooooooo loved doing them. But here are some pics. The cookie recipe can be found here, and the icing is here, and the ghosts can be found here, and they're just covered in white chocolate.

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