Monday, October 25, 2010

Not quite a Monday...

So I am home today with two sick kiddos. I've got a touch of the crud, but not anywhere near what they have. Not-So-Ex is feeling crappy too, but he went to work anyway. I was off today anyway, so it wasn't any big deal to keep them home. And they have a short school week (due to a teacher conference) so at least I can send them tomorrow and know they'll have plenty of time to shed that last little bit of crud without worrying about school.

Since it's Monday, I'm clearing out my DVR. Mad Men is done for the season, but I still have Boardwalk Empire and Dexter to watch. BE is some brilliant tv. Margaret is suffering the consequences of being sucked into Nucky's lifestyle. While it is all to be expected, it still seemed to get harsh in a hurry. Normally, as the newest acquisition, a chick gets at least a honeymoon period before the taking for granted starts in. But Nucky moves fast I guess. As far as Dexter, I'm still watching it. But I do like the direction they're going in. Or, I should say, as long as they aren't turning Quinn into Doakes II, then I like it.

Besides tv, I've got dishes to do and cupcakes to bake. Hunt needs a batch for school tomorrow so I gotta get crackin. Plus I got a catalogue of cupcakes supplies which needs to be thoroughly investigated. So I guess I'll see you all later!

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