Monday, October 11, 2010

Just another day

It's a Monday morning, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite days, and I am just waking up from my morning nap, checking out my DVR full of treasures, and planning my day. I'm in a spectacular mood, in part because I'm getting into a nice schedule. And, in part, because, for once, I actually was really smart this morning. I had a half hour between when I dropped Not-So-Ex off and when I could drop the kiddos off, so I went to Krogers and got my shopping done. That makes the rest of my day easier since I don't have to run out for anything.

And the rest of my day will be quite busy (once I get through Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men anyway). I have paint to get on the walls, edging to do, trim work to finish up, and probably some sanding to do to get the next section ready to paint. But as much trouble as it is, I have to say the red paint is just gorgeous! But MAN I hate sanding!

I'm also really psyched to get back to the bakery tomorrow. Yesterday I started making some sugar cookies for Halloween. At home, it's rare that I get to decorate cookies, even though I have a ball with them. And it's soooo much fun! I was really pleased with how they turned out. And apparently my boss and the chef were both really pleased too! But I am glad I started working on them yesterday. Sundays the kitchen is mine alone, so I got the chance to really work on the cookies and figure out the best way to handle the dough in a super warm kitchen. So hopefully I can make them more quickly and smoothly tomorrow.

Anyway, I better get going. Those walls won't paint themselves!

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