Friday, October 15, 2010

So, seriously, have you looked outside?

It's really, really nasty out there!

So I'm in a better mood today. Part of that is because today is payday for Not-So-Ex and, when you consider how much he has been working, his paycheck is HUGE! I mean he seriously brings home more in one week than I do in months. Even when I worked for the state and had a good salary, this week woulda be almost a month for me. And that's even after money was taken out for our savings.

That means that today will include a bank visit, some bill paying, and probably a visit to the store to look for Halloween costumes for the kiddos. I'll probably need to hit the grocery store too since I'd really like to have a nice, warm dinner at home tonight.

Speaking of dinner, we went to Bluegrass Kitchen last night to celebrate the big paycheck and it was just a perfect dinner. Even the notoriously picky Hunt was thrilled with his dinner and the fact that we all got to share some Key Lime Pie (one of our faves). It made for a really nice, relaxing evening.

But back to today... Unfortunately, today is the Walk-a-Thon fundraiser for the kids so they're gonna be out walking in this nasty weather. But, not to worry, Mommy will make it awesome. Due to the Walk-a-Thon, they can get out early today. So I'll be there to cheer them on and then I'll steal them away, get a quick lunch, and head home to goof around with my favorite homies. I think we're all looking forward to it.

I'm also looking forward to putting my head together with Sis to plan some special cupcakes for her Spanish class on Monday. But I'm sure we'll talk more about that later! Have a good weekend folks!


Andrew's Mom said...

It's a windy gray day here - and I love it. When I think of Spanish dessert - I think of flan, cinnamon, almond, dulce de leche, churros - yummy (well except for the flan part - not a fan of flan). I have so much to do today but I want to get back to bed.

Charlene said...

Your days seem to have more hours in them than my days. SMILE

I love the "big paycheck" celebration. A key lime pie is a perfect reward for working and getting paid well.

Paige said...

Charlene... Sadly they only seem to have more hours in the morning. Today has pretty much been completely dedicated to getting costumes, which I had hoped wouldn't take so long.

Jenny... I made Flan last year for a report she did on Spain and it actually turned out pretty awesome. But the Dulce de Leche may make a good cupcake... I'll have to ponder it...