Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Media Blitz

So my movie, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, was released on DVD yesterday. That means you can buy it now, or even watch it instantly on Netflix. That will be really, really cool if I ever find my DVD remote (my dvd streams netflix). There's also a bunch of free extra footage on iTunes. One of the extras on iTunes is called Do the White Thing and, if you only watch one, it should be this one. It includes the original footage shot of Jesco back when Julien discovered him. It's the footage that led to The Dancing Outlaw and it is brutally awesome.

Along with all the video coming out, there's been new publicity too. Here's an awesome article from the UK where you'll see your favorite local chicklet mentioned. And here's an interview with Julien about the film.

Anyway, it's completely awesome and so very, very surreal to see something that I put so much time and energy and heart into turn into something that people enjoy and talk about (or, in some cases hate, which is cool too). I guess the surreal part comes in because I get the emails about all this publicity and then I get my kids up as normal, get everyone to work, and head to the bakery to work myself. The world of the film is just so far removed from my life.

I do have to say that I'm over the top thrilled that Julien, the director, is getting such great publicity. He was really, really good to me and he deserves nothing but good. I hope his career blows up from here. And, if he ever needs a personal assistant, I'm there!

I guess it's time for me to shake off the movie world and get busy. I have a crazy day today. One kid is already home (today was a makeup day at their school) and the other will have to be picked up later, once she gets caught up. Not-So-Ex is getting sicker, but can't get out of work long enough to go to the doc. I've been called in at the bakery for whenever my schedule permits me to get there. And last, but definitely not least, my house is a total disaster (shocker). But at least I got a little extra sleep and, despite a sore throat that does not bode well for the future, I'm in a good mood. And, of course, there's Trick or Treat tomorrow!!!! Woo Hoo!


Doc said...

That is awesome!!

Andrew's Mom said...

What doc said!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I watched about half of it on my computer (from Netflix), but then either netflix or my computer had a brain fart and froze up. I'll re-try again this evening and find where I left off. Lovin' it so far!