Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm in a strange place right now. I don't have a job, although I'll start one soon. And my husband is now out of work temporarily. And I'm nervous, but kinda happy about it.

My husband works in construction so lay offs should be something we're used to but we've been blessed with steady employment for a good long time. How long will he be off? We don't know. Early estimates were phrased in weeks but then that changed.

It scares me because we've gotten so comfortable lately. We have money in savings, so we should be fine for a while, but I'm not sure how many months we can go before it catches up with us.

On the other side of things, having him around is just wonderful. We've been working on some much needed house work. We've been able to spend time with the kids. We've been able to spend time together. If it wasn't for the money factor, it'd be perfect.

Anyway, I feel a bit better just expressing fear. At the end of the day, as long as we can keep from panicking - ok let's face it, as long as I can keep from panicking - this could be a wonderful time for us. Wish us luck though!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Do the best you can to budget and this could indeed be a fabulous time for your whole family. Plus, it will teach the kids that frugality doesn't have to be a BAD thing. Being resourceful with what you DO have is a great thing!

All Click said...

Do NOT panic! I repeat do NOT panic! For heaven's sake do NOT PAAAANNNIIICC ARGGHH!!!

Good luck!

Paige said...

I could really use a book that said in big letters Don't Panic. LOL

Charlene said...

In almost 31 years in the small business I own, I've had times when I thought it was impossible to pay the bills or we had too much work or we had too little work, but then some ground work I'd laid a long time before to get work, would come in and we would survive.

Living frugally is ALWAYS a good idea. The secret to being rich is make money and spend less than you make.

Paige said...

You know I feel like things will work out. I'm a little nervous about what could happen, but I also know we should be able to make it for a while at least.

Being frugal is something we should definitely work on. In a lot of areas, we are frugal by nature, but there are areas where we need to improve.