Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The bags under my eyes probably need frosted...

So I have a cupcaking meeting today so I made about 7-8 dozen cupcakes yesterday. This is actually a new record for me cause I not only baked, but also frosted, 6 dozen of those cupcakes. This morning I'll be finishing up that pesky last dozen, doing some deliveries, and then going to my meeting.

The strange thing is that, while I was swamped trying to get the cupcakes finished, the bags under my eyes are due less to cupcakes than an overactive mind. Anytime I get really busy or excited, I find it almost impossible to settle down and sleep. And last night was no exception. I crawled into bed a little later than normal, but laid in bed thinking about bakery names and script changes and new fruit combos for future cupcaking for hours upon hours. When Not-So-Ex's alarm went off, I was the one who was instantly awake.

Oh well. I'm gonna get finished up, get the cupcakes where they need to go, and then totally veg.

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