Monday, July 26, 2010

How was my weekend? Sweaty.

So I had an excellent weekend but one where I worked really, really hard. I mentioned a few weeks ago that they finally evicted the guy who squatted in the apartment out behind ours. But, since then, the owner of the building has been doing a lot of work to the apartment and he at least seems to be trying to make sure the guy doesn't come back. And that has made a huge difference.

Since it's a much nicer environment around here these days, we feel better about staying in our apartment. So we've started working on some improvements, especially since Not-So-Ex's work is slow lately.

The first thing we did was work on the floors. There's God-awful carpet, but underneath is the beautiful, but badly damaged, East End floors. We started with the dining room, pulled up the carpet, and started scrubbing. Today we'll continue working and start sanding so we can refinish the floors.

We're also gonna start painting. We've got the lovely white walls like most apartments, but ours are all old and such so they're very much in need of some updating. But, since this is an old townhouse, we have the benefit of walls with molding around the top and all kinds of old wood trim. So we're gonna clean them all up, sand, and repaint with some nice, bright colors.

It's a lot of work, but it feels good. And I know we'll be thrilled when its done. Especially since I can't really use the kitchen right now since a lot of the stuff from the dining room got stacked in the kitchen. If anyone wants cupcakes, we're gonna have to get finished up!

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