Friday, July 9, 2010

Eviction Notice Baby!

I am sitting in my East End apartment this morning, eating my bowl of cereal, and listening to my dogs going nuts over the sounds of the eviction going on in my backyard. And, all in all, it sounds like the start of a good day!

A little background info... We have these very cheap (even by my standards... LOL) apartments out behind our place and there's a guy who repeatedly breaks into one and basically squats as long as he can. And he's a serious mess. The general consensus is that he's mostly harmless, but also mostly crazy. He'll bang on your apartment door... sneak up on your front porch... ask you every single day for cigarettes and/or money for the bus.

We always viewed him as an annoyance. Or we did until the day we found him standing on our front porch looking at our kids. And then we became more careful... more aware.

But now they're throwing his stuff out and he'll be gone. But only for a while, and we know that for fact. We've been here a year in a half and have seen this happen before. But this will still lead to a nice calm spell, and that's always a good thing.

And the calm has now been broken since Lucy the Demon Dog just knocked my son down on the stairs. So I gotta go tend to some punishment for the dogger and lovings for the boy!

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