Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things that make me happy today...

I'm in a pretty good mood right this second so here are some of the things running through my mind that make me happy.

1. The end of school - My son finished up 2nd grade today and I'm so happy! My daughter finished up last week, so she's been chilling at the house already, but I'm glad he can join her now. Growing up there was just always something special about summer. Once I became an adult, the fun faded cause there were child care issues and money shortages. But now they're older and we're doing decent on money so we're able to actually do stuff together! And I have to admit the whole not having to get up early to get them to school and being able to just walk home after work instead of having to head out to their school to pick them up is awesome too!

2. Emails from Johnny Knoxville - I'm a standard, small town mom, but I get emails from Johnny Knoxville. Now, given, I only get them because my awesome director always includes me on emails about the film, but it still makes me feel less like a boring soccer mom and more like a kick ass filmmaker mom. Now if only they'd add Spike Jonze to the email list, but then I might melt into a little puddle by my desk.

3. Film Festivals - While on the White movie subject, I'm so excited to head to Louisville for a film fest next week. I've never gotten to see the film on a big screen. And I've never had the whole "I have a film showing at a film fest" experience. So I'm really, really psyched!

4. Cupcakes (shocker) - I have an order tomorrow for cupcakes so I've got some baking to do tonight. I'm excited because the cupcaking is becoming more and more like a side job, which is awesome! Plus I'm saving my cupcake earnings for a beach fund. And I really want to get money in the beach fund. Oh and, while I'm talking cupcakes, I gotta say a huge thank you to Not-So-Ex for helping me keep it going! A girl can only wash so many dishes and put together so many boxes on her own.

5. Gardens - My little urban garden is all bloomy now. I love this time of year. The flowering plants are pretty for one, but it's also nature's way of letting you know you're doing it right. I don't know how many berries and veggies we'll actually get this year, but I know the ones we get will be the tastiest ever.

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