Monday, June 28, 2010

Gee, Brain, what do you want to do today?

So today is my first day of true freedom. Well, technically, there was Friday, but I was so busy finishing up cupcaking that I didn't even get to savor it. And then the weekend was mostly a blur, since I had actual plans and such. But today it all settles.

I do have to head to my mom's today and make one more batch of cupcakes. Just a small order for a friend. Over the weekend I sold 23 dozen, so pretty much anything would seem like a small batch. LOL 20 dozen were for a reception at my parents' church. When they called last night to tell me everything went perfectly and that the cupcakes were a huge hit, I felt a huge worry lift. It was a wonderful feeling.

So far today, all I've done is eat breakfast, water my beautiful urban garden, and try to keep my doggers under control. I'm trying to let the kids sleep in, since they haven't gotten to do that for quite a while. But, since I do have a teenager, they only get so long before I'm knocking on their door. Normally I'd have woken them up by now because, quite frankly, I get lonely when I'm up by myself.

But anyway, in the grander scheme of things, my goal is to get my house in truly tip-top shape. I'm not the cleaning type, plus we're in pretty close quarters around here, so we have quite a bit of clutter and mess. Plus the fact that our basement flooded last week during a big storm and I still have to get that all straightened out. By the end of the week, I'd really like to have the basement completely cleaned out, all the laundry done up, and the floor completely bleached. Then I'll move on to scour the second floor.

Anyway, I best get to doing some dishes since my heatherns clearly are in no hurry to get up!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm so proud of you! Staying at home and having a flexible schedule is awesome! I love getting up and then just piddling along until I FEEL like getting a shower, etc. All the housework will get taken care of eventually, so don't stress on that. You'll find a good routine that works for you! :-)

Paige said...

I hope so. Right now I'm having a hard time cause I feel an intense pressure (solely internal since Not-So-Ex has been great) to make sure I'm "earning my keep." LOL