Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Loaded God Complex

So I used to be a huge Rescue Me fan. And last night was the premiere of Season 6. And, from what I hear, the beginning of the end for the show since it will end in 2011.

I've put up with a lot from Tommy Gavin. But I have to admit that last year pushed me too far. The scene where his wife and long time mistress went to confront his new obsession and ended up brawling in the street was too much for me. Surely women wouldn't act that stupid over a guy like Tommy (please don't argue me here cause it's what I prefer to believe).

I tuned in last night somewhat hesitantly. On one hand, I've seen every episode thus far so I'd like to finish out the series. On the other hand, I'm tired of watching women act like idiots over a cheat like Tommy. And, while he can't commit to anyone, his level of commitment to self-destruction is getting old. At the end of last season, when we left him on a bar floor bleeding out from a gunshot wound, I didn't really care what happened. Live, die, whatever.

As far as the new season, last night's episode was the same as always. Tommy refuses to stay in the hospital after a near-death experience reveals he's on his way to hell (shocking). He refuses to consider sobriety even as he watches his 21 year old daughter fix herself a glass of gin for breakfast. His wife, who once used to believe she had a chance at something different, has decided there's nothing in her future so she's dedicated to keeping a close eye on Tommy, which I'm sure would be a wonderful way to spend the day.

The one thing I do love about the show is the closing scenes. They have an amazing ability to say so much in one long, silent scene. This one closed with the image of Tommy drinking in a Catholic church and, not content with that level of sacrilege, had to go sit in the priest's seat. Can anyone say God Complex?

And, as if last season wasn't bad enough, they seem to be continuing on the Sheila as "Joe Pesci with tits" theme. Her role in this episode is just as disgusting as it was in the last. I just don't get her insistence on holding on to someone who shows so little concern for her. She's bound and determined to make him into her dead husband, even though she's aware that it's not possible. I've never seen a woman who needs to walk away more than Sheila.

Anyway, all I can hope is that it changes some before it ends. I really don't want to have spent year's watching a show that turns out to just be about one alcoholic guy with a God Complex and the two women who throw their lives away to chase him.

On a side note... Louie is awesome!

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