Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been soooooo busy!

So, to try and do a quick catch up, I got really worn down the end of last week/beginning of this one. I totally stopped looking forward to the holidays and was super Grinchy (at least for me).

Then we found out yesterday that Not-So-Ex, who has been working an insane amount of hours at work, will be working part of the day on Christmas Eve and then will be off till Monday. And everything got all sunshiny and full of twinkle lights.

I had a long day at work today but with it came some great treats! I made Eggnog Cupcakes, which turned out gorgeous, and a whole slew of Christmas cookies (again). Tomorrow, I'll go in and finish my cookies, which should only take a few hours, and then it will be holiday time. And, now that I'm back to my normal, festive self, I can NOT wait!