Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bring it on '11

So I've had a super busy, crazy day. We finally bought a new couch and comfy chair and they scheduled delivery for today. As you all might remember, we had started a bunch of work on our apartment when Not-So-Ex was laid off and then he ended up going back to work pretty quickly. Well, in my head, I was gonna be able to finish all the painting and trim work in time for the delivery of the furniture.

Let's just say that's not humanly possible. It all started Tues when my daughter and I decided to start by painting a bookshelf. Should've taken a chunk of one day. Instead it took two.

So today I just focused on giving the room a really good cleaning, now that the old furniture is out. Plus we needed to get rid of all the Christmas, renovation, and other various kinds of clutter. The kids and I woke up pretty early (for a vacation day) and got started and worked hardcore all day.

But, now it's all delivered and gorgeous and my house smells slightly bleachy. So all is right with the world! And tomorrow, we're going to relax and hit the movies!

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