Saturday, December 25, 2010

A few Christmas suggestions

So it's Christmas morning and the awesome chaos that is the holidays when you live within 15 minutes of your entire family will commence momentarily. But, in this brief moment of calm I wanted to share some suggestions that I know I will definitely remember after this year.

1. When buying the kids an awesome new tech toy, read the computer specs required. Even if you have a decent computer that runs all your other similar tech toys without issue. Check. Seriously.

2. When buying the kids presents from Santa, diversify. For example, even though you spent a small fortune on the new tech toy, the headphones and case to go with it, and planned to spend a smaller fortune adding music and games, have other little gifts that don't relate in any way to the new gadget. Or else they end up with a stocking full of gifts from Santa that can't be used. In our case, it was a stocking full of toys that are unplayable until we can purchase a new operating system for our 2 yr old computer. And that may take a couple days.

3. When everything backfires, take it easy on yourself. The kids are always way, way easier on you than you are on yourself. Even though they can't use their toys immediately, they know they can eventually and are still thankful.

4. Have a couple of boxes of candy hanging around, just in case. Yes, maybe you meant to have them for when you went to the movies, but, in a pinch, it's better to have them there to throw in the stocking as a little consolation.

Anyway, despite the Santa drama, we're having a wonderful Christmas. I had a blast watching everyone open presents, since I had several presents that I was really psyched to give. And we received some incredibly generous gifts, one of which we will be very excited to put to use tomorrow so that we can head home with a nice, new couch!

Merry Christmas folks! Enjoy it!

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