Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Secrets and Snow

So it's a snowy day here at home. Since it's the first snow of the season, it's all beauty and excitement. In a few months, it will be old hat and all gray and sad, but, for now, it's all awesome. It made me want to do nothing but pile all the covers on the bed and snuggle in under them.

But, clearly, I DID get out of bed. And now I'm chilling out, planning my day, and rewatching last night's Glee. It wasn't a stellar episode as far as storylines go, but their version of Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over makes me happy. It's just a really killer song.
Also, Santana covers Amy Winehouse's awesome Valerie!
Once Glee is over, there's the finale for Sons of Anarchy. This season has been a tough one since fans have had to watch their anti-heroes go from power players to pawns. But hopefully the finale will tie everything up nicely so that the next season will start fresh.

And now to the secrets part. Last night I got Rex his Christmas present, tickets to another Steelers game in a little over a week. This time, we're gonna keep it a secret from Hunt. We're gonna load up the car and head out without telling him where we're going and just enjoy it when he freaks out and realizes where we are.

And while Rex got the tickets as his gift, my gift is a sweet hotel room where we can crash that night. On our last trip, the room was one of the best parts and, while this one won't be as extravagant as the last one, it will be awesome. And have a better pool area for Sis.

For this trip, we're gonna try to plan a bit better and be more prepared. And I'm already working on something special for Sis to do while the boys go to the game. But it is definitely gonna be an awesome time!


Andrew's Mom said...


Paige said...

LMAO! Sister, this time the laundry is gonna be dried, folded, and in the suitcase the day before. And clothes will be laid out for the trip. NOTHING left to chance!

Charlene said...

That's a good gift. The seed to memories.

Andrew's Mom said...

All I could think about when I read that vacation post was how panicked I would be. Oh my gravy, I would have stroked out if my laundry was dry and we had to leave.

Paige said...

It was definitely no fun. But, luckily, the rest of the trip went so well that it made up for it.