Friday, December 17, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect

Today is the kind of day I've needed for a while. It snowed like mad yesterday but, since it started well after our day got started at 4 am, I still had the car and had work. So poor Hunt got dragged to the bakery at 7:30. He really liked decorating cookies with me but, once that was done, he started getting bored. But he pulled through like a trooper.

But today, another snow day, will be just how snow days should be. And, like many good things, it started with bacon! Right now, we're just finishing up on a snow day brunch of eggs, bacon, and toast. Soon there will be movies, present wrapping, a little of the requisite cleaning up, and then some dinner prep and maybe even some baking.

There's a down side though. As we get to play around and snuggle and feast, Not-So-Ex is stuck working and driving in this snowy mess. And he also just got word that his weekend will consist of nothing but 12-16 hr shifts at work. I hate that he has to work so much but I love him for being willing to.

Well I better get back to my stressful schedule of jellying toast and watching movies!

1 comment:

Andrew's Mom said...

Don't tax yourself with that toast! I hope Not-So-Ex stays safe!