Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things that are frustrating me right this second...

1. Pain sucks. When someone you love is in pain, even though you both knew it would hurt for a while, and you can't fix anything, it sucks. 12 hours ago Not-So-Ex had his surgery and he's been hurting progressively worse the last few hours. Now he's in bed and hopefully either asleep or soon to be. Times like these make me wish I was a better nurse.

2. Not understanding sucks. My 3rd grade son started Spanish this year and I tried to help him with his homework the past two nights and couldn't. Now, while I would never say that I know Spanish, I know enough to help a third grader. But the way the material is presented just doesn't make any sense to me. How do I know whether a black and white picture of a person standing in front of a window through which you can see a sun is referring to "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon?" And is a picture of two people shaking hands supposed to mean "Hello" or "Goodbye?" My choice would have been "Nice to meet you," but that wasn't an option. And my frustration transferred right over to my son who came up to me, well over an hour after we quit studying, and asked if I would really be upset if he didn't do well. It broke my heart that he was worried about passing a test in third grade.

3. Blockbuster sucks. I'm a netflix chick but, when they don't have what I want available instantly, I will run to Blockbuster rather than wait for them to mail it. And so it went with the second season of Sons of Anarchy. They had disc 1, 3, and 4. WTF.

4. Cable sucks (sometimes). This is the time of year when there is sooooooo much going on in tv land, but why is it never happening when I'm in need of entertainment? Like today. I knew that Not-So-Ex and I would be sitting here most of today (although I thought I would be working tomorrow, which turns out to not be the case) but, while there are a slew of new shows I'm into starting up in the next week, not a thing is going on now. So I'm on my second viewing of a Sons of Anarchy disc. While I don't mind, I'd rather have a new Chuck or something like Boardwalk Empire (both of which I am DYING for) to fill my time. But I guess I should be glad that the blueray is hooked up again so at least Veronica Mars can fill some of tomorrow's down time.

Ok... gonna quit whining now.


Andrew's Mom said...

I hope Not-So-Ex feels better soon and can rest tonight. I agree the way things are presented now for kids is STUPID - but all my Spanish comes from Handy Manny. I have the attention span of a gnat - so I couldn't watch a whole movie right now - but I do like my stupid shows that I watch 42 minutes a night! LOL xoxo

Charlene said...

I gave up everything but basic cable for five years. I lived.

I got sucked back in this past Spring, but I may give it up again soon.

April said...

Have you ever watched Arrested Development? Loved that show when it was on.

Paige said...

Jenny...I started to suggest Hunt just watch some Dora the Explorer but I knew he's hate me. LOL

Charlene... We did that before too and just watched movies most of the time. It's doable, but I just don't wanna!

April... LOVED Arrested Development!