Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day Off!

So I have a day off from the bakery. And it seems that won't be such a rare thing since they are now slowing me down to three days a week, which was the original plan. It's a good thing, especially today, since my back was bothering me again after work and this morning too. Not serious pain like the other day, just annoyance.

But I'm sitting here obsessing, as is my habit. I need a new chocolate cupcake recipe. All the ones I've tried fail as often as they turn out, which is seriously irritating. I would never have guessed how much of an effect the change in baking venues would have on my cupcakes. Recipes that have worked time and again at home turn out differently, or not at all, in the bakery. It makes for frustrating early days, but I know I'll figure out what works and what doesn't and then it will be easier going.

Outside of the bakery, things are going mostly smoothly. The renovations are going slower now, which is nice cause it means I get some slow days without guilt! And working less will mean I can cook more, which is also good news. We're starting to save up for our big cruise in Feb, plus we have a short trip to Pittsburg in Nov, so lots to look forward to.

But, for now, I mainly look forward to getting dinner started and having a big meal for the fam this evening! So I guess I should get started!

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