Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday mornings

You know, Mondays sure are different these days. It used to mean dragging myself out of bed and going to a job that was ok - not horrible, but not anything special. Now it means helping my loves get out of bed and get to places they'd rather not go and then I return home to recover from busy weekends.

And this weekend was a doozy. Rena had a big assignment due in Spanish that required her to do a weather report completely in Spanish and film it. Now this should have been easy since I've been a film student for, like, EVER. But the only camcorder I have is a non-working one. So I panicked for a bit but then realized my iPhone could handle it.

The Sunday morning was spent slaving away at the bakery (LOL) and the afternoon was spent filming Rena. While I was worried about using the iPhone, it turned out to be a breeze. In a moment of silliness, we even edited this commercial in! I was pretty pleased with the end result. And it also reminded me how much I love editing. That's something I hadn't gotten to do in forever.

We also received a wonderful gift from a family member yesterday, which hopefully means our little family will get to take another mini vacation (one that hopefully will not involve an ER visit) at the end of Oct. Why the end of Oct, you might ask? Because Not-So-Ex and I will be celebrating our anniversary. It will be our First Anniversary (take two) and it will be delightful to just run away for the weekend with every one of our wedding guests (our two kids). We're hoping for a nice hotel, beautiful weather, and no worries for a weekend. And no Jake the Wonder Mutt or Lucy the Asthmatic Demon Dog to make messes for us! Hopefully it'll be awesome.

So, anyway, now I am catching up on all the DVR stuff from last night. There are just too many good things to watch on Sunday night. Dexter premiered last night and I'm excited to see what's coming up this season with my favorite serial killer. Right now I'm watching Boardwalk Empire for the second time. I have to watch the episodes twice to try to catch everything. I do believe Boardwalk Empire may take the award for the most beautiful show on television. It has a richness and scope that is unheard of. Really, really beautiful stuff. And last, but never, EVER least is a previous most beautiful show winner, Mad Men. This year's not so pretty, but I don't mean that in a bad way. Don Draper's world is caving in. The most beautiful woman in the world, Joan, is having another abortion because she got pregnant by the wrong guy. And Roger Sterling, who has the best grey hair in the entire world, loses everything via Lucky Strikes. But, on the plus side, Peggy (the one I've always identified most with) is coming into her own. With all of these deep, incredible shows occurring the same night, Monday morning is like my second chance!

Well I better get back to my DVR and then the real world!


All Click said...

I love Dexter. What an awesome show. However, I am a season behind (we wait for it to come out on DVD so we can watch one episode a night...that's how cool we are at my house).

I do OWN the last season but haven't put it in yet. Can't wait!

Paige said...

You know I have never had all the "premium" channels until lately. It still seems awfully decadent. I used to be the world's most ghetto tv geek cause I downloaded every episode of Dexter, Weeds, True Blood, you name it from Limewire and watched them religiously. But now I'm all legal and stuff. LOL