Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In an incredibly rare turn of events, I have today off and I'm actually feeling pretty darn good. Not exhausted. Not frustrated. Just chilled and in a good mood.

So what shall I do today? Well I'm starting off watching the new Sons of Anarchy that I DVRed last night. And doing some web window shopping since I have some birthday money to spend (WOOT)! But, longer term, my plan is to clean up the kitchen, plan a nice dinner, do a little shopping (grocery and shoe mainly), plus a little dog snuggling time.

Actually I think I'll start with that last item first since Jake the Wonder Mutt just jumped up and snuggled in on the couch with me. God I love my big ole West Virginia Brown Dog! And Lucy's not even being too obnoxious right now. Go fig.

I'm gonna go enjoy it while it lasts!

Update: Just gotta say, Stephen King on Sons of Anarchy... genius!!!!

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