Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seussy Goodness and Stuff

Sorry for the blurry pics! Shaky hands!

So tonight there was a fund raiser for the local Read Aloud program and it was Dr. Seuss themed. And they ordered sugary goodness from the bakery where I work. And I cranked out 150+ mini cupcakes. And it was a blast!

Tomorrow is my day off but I have to stop in for a few minutes to frost some cupcakes for the case that didn't get frosted today. After that, it is totally my intention to spend the rest of the day watching tv that I've missed out on during the week. Cause, you know, that's my idea of heaven on earth.

Since I mentioned tv, I have to personally thank FX for replacing my crush on Tommy Gavin, which was sooooooo two years ago, with a new, growing fascination with Jax. He's young, rough, incredibly idealistic, and conflicted. Plus he really, really looks like he needs someone to take care of him. And I'm such a sucker for a needy bunch of trouble. But, anyway, if you aren't all up on SAMCRO, you totally should be. And, since the new season just started last Tues, you won't be too far behind. And you can get the past two seasons on Netflix too (like I did).

There ya go. I've just provided you with many, many hours of entertainment. You can thank me later!

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