Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awesome things about my job (pt 1)

So I love the bakery. I love the baking, obviously, but I love the environment even more. I work in a small, organic bakery is a medium sized (and that's being generous) city. The owners of the bakery own two other locavore restaurants in this small, historic area.

And yesterday I had zombies in the bakery. And they liked my cupcakes. LOL

Well ok, it was just for a photo shoot for HallowEast. But it made for a really fun afternoon.

On a side note, my cupcakes are catching on really well. I had a slow start due to testing out my recipes in a new place and new oven. Plus that fact that my ingredients are all organic now. But the amount of freedom I've been given is amazing. The chef was going over my duties and telling me what needed made and, after going through some of the store's standard offerings that I've begun making, I asked about cupcake flavors. He told me I was a cupcake artist and he wanted me to use my creativity and create whatever I wanted. It felt good. And it felt even better when he walked in today and saw the arrangement of cupcakes in the display and immediately came back to tell me how gorgeous they were.

So I'll go back tomorrow and make some new, exciting experiments. Soooooo much fun.


Andrew's Mom said...

You cupcake artist. If you ever move to NY - let's open a bakery - I'm the queen of brownies, bars and cheesecakes -- you can be the cupcake artist....I smell money.

Paige said...

You're on! Of course it would take a serious act of God to get Not-So-Ex out of WV!