Friday, May 14, 2010

Lucy the demon dog strikes again

So I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and was really looking forward to getting it over with. I left work a bit early so I could run an errand, then remembered that I had forgotten my phone at home and, since it was a new doctor, wasn't exactly sure where I was going. So I ran back home to grab my phone.

I walked in the door of my apartment in a hurry, which is when Lucy decided to exit my apartment in a hurry. I ran after her, calling her for a while but, every time I got anywhere near her, she'd see me and run the other direction. After a few minutes of this, I got pretty effing pissed. I went home and looked for my phone.

While looking for the phone, I grabbed our house phone and called Not-So-Ex to let him know Lucy got out and I was supposed to be on my way to the doc (ok so the conversation involved a bit more yelling and a lot more profanity than that sentence, but you get the idea). As I finished talking to him, I see Lucy at our front door and drop the phone on our coffee table, causing the phone to come apart and the battery to fly in another direction.

I headed out after Lucy again, but the results are the same as the first time around. But this time I reached my boiling point and finally yelled, "Fine. I'm going home, Lucy." And that's exactly what I did. I went home, hooked our other dog, Jake the wonder mutt, up outside and started looking for my phone again.

A few minutes later, as I'm on my hands and knees looking for my phone, I hear a noise and turn around to see Lucy standing there getting a bite to eat and a drink. I guess the run away game was far less fun when there was no one to run from.

To tie up all the loose ends, I did find my phone - well actually my 8 yr old had to find it for me - and we found the battery to the house phone and put it back together. So everyone came out ok.

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