Monday, May 17, 2010

Just another morning...

I had a very funny morning. It started out insanely perfect. My kids got out of bed when I woke them up (even the hubs rarely does that!), got dressed quickly, and were completely ready and munching on dry cereal a half hour early! That's right, this time, when I told them to get their clothes ready on Sunday evening, they did. So there was no running from the basement, where the laundry is, to the second floor, where the kids are, trying to find something for them to wear.

We spent that miraculous extra half hour watching cartoons (I love Phineas and Ferb) and eating handfuls of dry Fruit Loops (daughter can't have milk though she dearly loves it). It was really an exceptional morning.

Then we got in the car and our normal morning returned. Hunt couldn't find his backpack anywhere and got super frustrated. In the end, it was fine cause Daddy's at home since he's working later hours and can run the backpack to him at school later.

But things really got interesting when we arrived at school. Their school has a morning care program but it doesn't start until 7 am, so parents are not to drop their kids off before then. We pulled up at 6:55. I told the kids we'd have to wait a few minutes before they could get out.

For some reason, this really irritated my daughter. She first argued that a few minutes didn't matter. Then she told me I was wrong, the gym (where morning care is) opened at 5 so they could go on in. She got angry with me, and much sighing and eye rolling ensued. As she was busily eye rolling, the clock hit 7 and I told them they could go on in.

I have to say I took great delight when I let them out and watched Hunt head in through the main doors. Then I watched as Rena headed to the gym doors. She walked to the doors, which had been open since 5 am *sheesh*, pulled one of the doors, and found it was locked! *gasp* She then tried the other door... locked!

As she walked back to the main doors, she was careful not to so much as look up cause she knew I was watching... and grinning. And I somehow found the strength to not roll down the window and yell "I told you so" as I drove away.

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