Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I never thought I'd hear...

So Mondays generally come with bad news, cranky moods, and exhaustion. But, like I mentioned earlier, I wasn't having too bad of a day. And then came 3 pm.

I was at the kids' school doing the pick up thing plus, since it was Mom's b-day, I was visiting her and taking her a whole slew of cupcakes. I hung out a bit longer than intended and, when I got back to the car, checked my phone and saw messages. When I checked the message, it was a very intense sounding Julien, my director from the White movie, so I called him back immediately.

To get to the good part, Julien asked if I could fly out. On Wednesday. So, in less than 48 hrs, I will be in LA getting ready to hang with folks like Johnny Knoxville. They're having a big BBQ to celebrate the DVD release of the film.

I was totally shocked. And super excited. Of course, when he asked, I told him I thought we could pull it off but I'd have to talk to Not-So-Ex. I gotta say, Not-So-Ex is so awesome that he didn't even hesitate. Even though his wife just asked to jet off to the other side of the country with 2 days notice.

To be honest though, I'm glad I had so little notice. No time to obsess. No time to worry or plan (the two are synonymous for me). I just gotta get my act together and get my butt on the plane.

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