Thursday, November 4, 2010

A brief glimpse into the mind of a nine year old goofball

These are the conversations my son and I had on the way to school this morning. And, yes, the drive to school is only 15 minutes.

1. H: Why do dogs get a winter coat?
Me: Cause they need it to keep warm.
H: But why don't I get one? I mean, come on, I get cold too. It's just not fair.

2. H: Know what I love about my Steelers sweatshirt?
Me: That it says Steelers?
H: Well yeah, but what I love most is the hood. Walked to the car in the rain and not the least bit wet!
Me: Your winter coat has a hood too.
H: Yeah but the sweatshirt doesn't make me feel all "poofy" like my coat does.

3. H: What do you like better, goat cheese or steak? (I should mention here that he is obsessed with goat cheese. I blame Lola's incredible pan-seared goat cheese salad.)
Me: I don't know. Why?
H: I just wondered.
Me: Which do you like?
H: I like goat cheese AND steak.

4. H: When is Christmas?
Me: December 25th.
H: What's today?
Me: November 4th.
H: Ok. I think I can wait that long.

5. Me: What are you wanting for Christmas?
H: From you?
Me: No. From Santa.
H: So you mean from you?
Me: No. I mean from Santa.
H: So you mean from you?
Me: NO. I mean from Santa.
H: So you mean from you. And, yes, I'm gonna keep saying that till you admit they're from you. I promise I won't tell Sissy. (Sissy is 13 1/2)


Andrew's Mom said...

Too funny. Yesterday, we were reading a book about our skeletal structures. And the book showed a section about a mom at the butcher counter getting a bone from a steer (to show the marrow) - and Andrew said asked what is a steer - and I said we get meat from them cows - "poor steer, poor animals" - I asked him if he wanted to stop eating meat - he said yes. I said, "okay no bacon, no chicken fingers" he said, "oh forget that I want bacon and chicken".

Paige said...

He sounds like Rena! She was a "vegetarian" for a while, which meant she only ate the really good meat.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Our son was onto the "Santa" thing a few years ago (he's almost 13), but he keeps up appearances for his not yet 5 yr old sister! LOL!

Paige said...

I don't doubt that Rena has known for a while but she's the type that really enjoys pretending. So Hunt really thinks she doesn't know.