Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I had a conversation yesterday that led me to choose to delete everything from my blog other than cupcakes, which are generally a safe subject matter. While I felt it was the right choice at the time, I quickly regretted the decision.

There are a lot of thoughts swirling around is this little noggin of mine. However, I am going to choose my words carefully as I know that those words, while cathartic for me, can hurt others, which is something I have no interest in doing.

But there is one thing that I have to state now and state clearly. I am NOT a victim. I got hurt, yes. Who hasn't? But this persistent idea that I somehow feel victimized, and/or enjoy playing victim, is not true.

Not only am I not a victim, but I feel that I am the exact opposite. I feel that I have been blessed. I have someone who loves me... every single day. And I love him right back, just as surely and just as fiercely. And, as if that wasn't enough, I have my family back. All of the people I love most are once again living under the same roof.

I have work to do, both on myself and on the relationships that I hold dear. All of us are continuing to heal from the effects of MY actions. But I firmly believe that we will heal.

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