Monday, May 9, 2011

What's this? Another day off?

So I had a busy, awesome weekend. And I now have a day off all by myself! Not-So-Ex went back to work today, after about a month or so of being laid off, and the kiddos are at school so I'm alone! How weird!

I'm excited to have a slower week at work. No major holidays or anything so I should have plenty of time to try some new flavors. Maybe even try some new items. But we'll see.
I do have a new recipe to share. For Mom's Day at work, I made Flower Pot Cupcakes. They're a cookies n cream cupcake with vanilla or chocolate buttercream covered in crushed Oreos with a mini sugar cookie (which was baked on a small skewer) stuck in the top.

To start with, I found this recipe, which I used for the cupcakes. It's a nice, light recipe. I didn't put Oreos in the bottom because we only had crushed cookies, so I just mixed extra chunks in. I used my basic buttercreams for frosting, which I piped on using a large round tip, then turned them over and dipped them in more crushed Oreos. Make sure all the frosting is covered and don't even consider frosting the cupcakes until they are completely cool cause you don't want the frosting to fall off when you're dipping them. Then you just gotta stick the cookie in the top and they're adorable!

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