Monday, April 4, 2011

The rare moment of silence...

So since Not-So-Ex got laid off a little over a week ago, it's pretty rare to be alone. And we always seem to come up with something to do, even if its just lounging on the couch and watching Netflix. But, right now, I have a few minutes and figured I should probably write something.

There's not much going on. I've been baking a lot more at home, but there haven't been any new, groundbreaking recipes.

I work some days, and things have been good there too. I have my first wedding at the end of the month so I'm both excited and nervous over that. Luckily, the wedding is after I get back from NYC so I should be nice and chilled.

One thing I am looking forward to (other than NYC, which I'm already having weird dreams about) is a slight hair color change. I'm gonna try and go less crazy than normal and make it a little more subtle but we'll see. LOL

Well I'm gonna go check on the seeds I started the other day (my new obsession) so have a good day folks!

1 comment:

April said...

Blonde, brunette, black, red? What do you have in mind for the new hair color?